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I’m a seasoned Marketing Executive specializing in revenue protection and demand generation for high-growth companies. 

I protect and grow your company’s revenue.

Here’s how…

Lean Team Expertise

Hiring and nurturing the right talent at the right time. Prioritizing talent retention.

Strong Sales Partnership

Maximizing growth through cross-functional collaboration and full funnel partnerships.

Analytics Mindset, a Dash of Magic

Test, learn, and iterate every Marketing strategy using data to scale efficiently.

Marketing Growth and Scaling

Demand generation and brand strategy marketing expertise that moves the needle.

Companies I’ve Worked With

Check out Case Studies to get an inside look at how I’ve transformed companies.

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Books I Love

Did you know that CEOs read roughly sixty books a year? That’s about five books a month! If you’re looking for the best advice, look to the industry leaders. I’ve curated a list of the top books I think any smart boss, (like you!), should be reading.

“Elizabeth has an altruistic way of sharing knowledge with others that is authentic… She is an excellent communicator and has a firm grasp on client care.”

Melissa B. Manuel, Ph.D. 

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Everything I Know

Need something more hands-on than a book or a case study? Skip the reading and get a step by step experience. I’ve crafted some great classes that tackle hidden ideas.

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