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Animal Action Rescue

A quick fire brand and marketing overhaul that focused on a potential pet’s best attributes



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Elizabeth Hague

Creative Director
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Marketing Strategy

Elizabeth Hague

Brand Research
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Messaging and Taglines
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Brand Guidelines

Print Design

Elizabeth Hague

Print Collateral
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Each pet earned badges that helped identify their most adoptable traits. Creating a ready-to-market brand system sped up adoptions and increased volunteer apps by 3%

Did You Know?

Merit Badges Increased Adoptions by 3%

 The biggest challenge homeless pets face is getting people to see their value and worth. I developed a strategy to assign each pet merit badges for their best traits to start each pet off on the right foot. These pets weren’t victims, they were extraordinary champions with oodles of special abilities that no one was getting to see.

Showcasing their best attributes first excited potential adoptees with the adventures and possibilities their new pet could bring to their lives. Merit badges made it easier to see the pet as a pal, not a burden. My new system netted a 3% increase in adoptions overall. 


“From the very first email I received from Elizabeth, to the final product, she was thorough, honest, and offered a unique perspective. I was, and still am blown away by the results of our work together.”

Susie Linquist 

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