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Branding, strategizing and marketing an award-winning, all-natural lip balm available at Whole Foods Retail and



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Elizabeth Hague

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Elizabeth Hague

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Managing Agencies

Elizabeth Hague

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 After rebranding and inviting me to be their Creative Marketing Director to build their marketing strategy, they gained Whole Foods Retail access and increased their international sales upwards of 10%.

As a direct result of my marketing strategy work they pivoted toward a broader audience with mass appeal, attracting the attention of Whole Foods and

Did You Know?

A 4-Year Overnight Success

I initially worked with Crazy Rumors on rebranding in 2016. That initial sprint resulted in a 5% increase in International Sales and Whole Food Retail recognition within one year. But, a rebrand wasn’t enough. Strong, organized marketing is the key to sustained success.

As Creative Marketing Director, I overhauled their e-commerce sales cycle, email marketing, seasonal release and so much more. I netted them a 10% overall increase in e-commerce sales alone as a direct result of stronger connection between brand and sales/marketing. Plus, I became a life-long fan of theirs. I refuse to wear any other lip balm. (Spiced Chai is my go-to).

In the first 6-months post strategy implementation, they saw a 42% increase in social engagement across platforms and an 8% increase in e-commerce sales. They’re now available on both Whole Food and

Wal-Mart retail sites.

Innovative Products

Upleveling Mastectomy Lingerie

Did you know mastectomy lingerie is considered a medical device? Not fun. Sophia Rose Intimates refused to ignore the incredible women who have survived breast cancer. I’m proud to say I was an integral part in shaping their visual identity and marketing. This is what getting back to a new normal looks like.

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